Record your band in our studio up to 32 channels live to Pro Tools or produce from scratch using  our rhythm orchestrators, keyboards, synth modules, virtual instruments and VST plugins

Produce as many as 96 audio, 64 instrument, 512 midi tracks and mix down to stereo up to 96k, 24bit resolution

Mastering is also available through Pro Tools mastering plugins or an online AI mastering service


The SchuBox is a creative environment spearheaded by Spyro Gyra keyboardist and co-producer, Tom Schuman.  Tom has been collecting recording gear, synthesizers and digital audio workstation software since the late 90s.  When he and his wife, Yvonne decided to move to Las Vegas, they both thought it would be advantageous to have a recording studio up and running not only for his own musical output, but anyone who needs it.  This studio has been the home of many great musical projects and is constantly upgrading to meet the needs of its clients.

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Grammy winner Skip Martin of Kool & The Gang and Dazz Band fame has been a regular client at the SchuBox for many years and we are proud to be a part of his stellar career.  Tom and Skip have produced countless vocal and instrumental songs which have been released on both of their many solo projects.  This is a their latest video called "Let's Stay At Home" featuring Tom on Keys and Skip on vocals and trumpet.  Tom provided the backing track and Skip penned the brilliant lyrics that suggest we all count our blessings during this uncertain time and stay home to cherish the ones we love the most!     


SchuBox Studios recently had the pleasure of working with Italian smooth jazz saxophonist, Rocco Ventrella.  His music is joyful and jazzy with infectious rhythms and sweet melodies.  Tom Schuman appears on two of his compositions.  Here is a sample of his single, "On The Road" mixed at the SchuBox and features Tom's keyboard work.   


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Monday - Sunday 11am - 9pm

(subject to change depending on Mr. Schuman's tour schedule)


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