SchuBox is a professional recording studio located in Northwest Las Vegas, NV featuring the best of both vintage analog and modern digital tools. Music is our passion, and we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting.
  • The SchuBox uses Pro Tools 10 and 12 as its main digital audio multitrack recording software. We also have versions of Logic Pro, Nuendo and Ableton Live if our clients have pre-recorded material in those applications. Digital audio is clean and the editing capabilities are endless!

  • We currently use 2 Mackie 1640i 16 channel analog mixers which are also firewire interfaces.  The one on the right connects directly to Pro Tools and the one on the left connects to an enormous plethora of virtual studio technology plugins and instruments on a separate PC as well as outboard keyboards and synth modules.  For live recording sessions that require more inputs, the 2 Mackie boards can be combined via firewire for a total of 32 channels at 48k, 24bit using the Pro Tools aggregate settings.  We also added as an alternate interface, an Antelope Orion 32 for 32 channels of pristine audio up to 192k - 24bit.

  • Main vocal mic - RØDE Classic Tube

  • Audix Drum Pack - D1, (2)D2, D4, D6 and (2)ADX-50 

  • Shure Beta 52

  • Shure SM27  

  • (2) Shure SM57

  • (2) Shure SM58

  • (2) ADK A-51TL

  • ADK A-51SC

  • ADK CHI Omni

  • (2) Oktava MK-012 (modified)

  • (2) Audio Technica AT4033/CL


  • Antelope Orion 32 USB InterfaceA

  • DBX 376 Tube Channel Strip

  • Behringer FX2000 Virtualizer

  • (2) Behringer Multicom Pro-XL 4ch Compressor

  • Rolls RA62 6ch Headphone Amp

  • (2) ART 16 input XLR patchbays

  • Music Quest 8 Port/SE Midi patchbay

  • Roland M-BD1 Bass & Drum Module

  • Roland XV5050 Synth Module

  • (2) Roland XV2020 Synth Modules

  • Roland Fantom XR Synth Module and Sampler

  • Stanton C501 Dual CD Player

  • Kenwood KD-21R Turntable

  • (2) Mackie HR824mk2 Monitors

  • Headphones: (5) ATH-M40, (2) ATH-M50, (4) ATH-M20X

  • Yamaha C7 Grand Piano

  • Ibanez Acoustic Guitar

  • Yamaha MO8 Synthesizer

  • Yamaha MO6 Synthesizer

  • Korg X50 Synthesizer

  • M-Audio Midair 25 wireless controller

  • Alesis Q25 Controller

  • Alesis Vortex Keytar Controller