We are flexible on our rates, especially for longer bookings. Our passion is to help musicians make awesome recordings.
All rates include an engineer.


$60 per hour (Engineer incl.)

The hourly rate includes the use of all our rooms for isolation purposes, Tom Schuman's engineering skills and all the equipment & instruments available.  We will need a check list of all the musicians and instrumentation in advance so we can prepare the studio for your session.


$30 per song

Mastering is an audio science that involves many fine tuned parameters only a trained ear can decipher.  Getting your final mix to stand out among others in its genre will be the only way to compete and get your song heard again and again. 


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Mixing your tracks for mastering can take time depending on how many tracks are involved, how many repairs have to be made and how many additional overdubs have to be tracked in order to make your song sound its best.  Please call to discuss your options.



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Tom Schuman is an expert at creating virtual bands using his limitless plethora of keyboards, sound modules, rhythm orchestrators, samplers and virtual studio technology plugins.  His tracks defy even the most sophisticated listener.  After listening, most people ask "Who's that bass player & drummer?"

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$50 per page

Tom Schuman can prepare music charts of your song for all the musicians on your session.  It's more efficient to have accurate charts to keep your session moving forward.   They can  be viewed as PDFs on iPads or printed out and used for live stage performances if needed.  He can also write charts for your music even if the music was not recorded here at our studio.